About us

Umm Alqura international School

At Umm Alqura , we don’t believe that our school is just a school. Education does not stop at the moment at which a pupil leaves a classroom. It is a more holistic experience, encompassing external experiences, team-building, sports, and interaction with the outside world.

We believe in providing our pupils with the necessary tools not just to take on information, but to apply it in real-life situations, making choices that lead to positive results.

It is important for us to prepare our students for their future education and lives, so we adopt a forward-thinking, modern methodology and approach to ensure that our graduates leave with a range of tools that they can take with them on their journeys through life.

Everyone has the right to a good education. Umm Alqura is an all-inclusive, multicultural school that does not build barriers to learning; it breaks them down. All are welcome at Umm Alqura ; we treat everyone equally and we expect our students to do so too.

Our multilingual program and the wide range of subjects that we focus on, reflect this aspiration.