If you are looking for unique schools to teach the skills of the future to your children, Al Riyadah International school private schools will meet your aspirations, as our philosophy is based on the motto ( school in a different concept ) . The expectation from the school in general is to educate children , but this concept with US has other dimensions beyond educational services for children, we provide our services to the student’s family as well as we provide :

01 Language Teaching Center for the student and his family for free

02 the skills development and Training Center for the student and his family is free of charge and offers professional courses, for example, self-development, planning and quality-drawing and photography-education

03 The sihc Health follow-up program for the student and his family is free of charge

04 free fitness program for the student and his family

A stimulating learning environment

We believe that the environment surrounding the student greatly affects his mental and psychological development, so we pay attention to the smallest details to create a stimulating environment for creativity, innovation and indirect education .

All classrooms are equipped with the latest interactive screen learning system IFP All in One

As well as providing various laboratories that serve the educational process and provide a wonderful educational experience for our sons and daughters .

Rely on the latest learning strategies globally

Learn to live: a happy life-with others-healthy as well as schools apply the program (measurement of achievement outcomes ), which tracks the progress rate of each individual student and the mastered skills and others that need to be addressed in order to ensure the quality of educational outputs

Learn to be: a scientist-creative-thinker-useful for yourself-useful for your society-useful for your homeland

Schools rely on attracting the best teachers and training them on the educational work plan and the quality system of classes, and applying the latest learning strategies, including a learning to be and learning to live system .