Children in special education face a strong challenge that requires great enthusiasm in order to adapt to a normal lifestyle. Since education is one of the basic requirements of life for raising our children, they require a special type of care and education designed for them; This is so that they can acquire a degree of knowledge and development that will help them move forward towards a bright future. It also helps them adapt and integrate with the surrounding society. It is worth noting that these children have exceptional abilities in some aspects, which, if invested and developed, have the opportunity to be effective members of the environment and society.

Subsequently, Al-Reyadah Model Schools opened a section (for special education), keeping in view the discovery of gifted children with special needs from the early stages. It also took upon itself to develop plans and build strategies appropriate to their conditions regardless of their categories, and also worked to develop their talents, contain them, teach them, and train them. With the aim of reaching the best level that matches their abilities and their potentials after motivating, arousing and employing them in the best possible way.